Report: Culturing patient leukemic cells

Hello again! I have written a summary report of how we are culturing patient leukemic cells using two patients as an example, 150333 and OCI-AML-20. The report can be found at Zenodo.

We are monitoring the growth of cultured cells by looking at the expression of CD34 and CD38 markers over a number of weeks. These are important markers for leukemic stem cells (LSCs). LSCs are cells with the capacity to self-renew and give rise to progenitor cells. The LSCs are thought to be the cells that are responsible for relapse in AML. To be able to screen chemical probes, we would like to be able to maintain CD34 expression, a marker of LSCs (CD34+CD38- are often markers of LSCs). The epigenetic probes that we are using often require long term exposure, so we wanted to determine if we could maintain CD34 expression long term to be able to treat these cells with probes.

Figure 1: Image of OCI-AML-20 cells in culture. Image generated using IncuCyte live cell imager.


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