Release of brachyury (TBXT) SPR Raw Data

This week we released our Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) data for the binding of small molecules to brachyury (gene name TBXT) on Zenodo (  The raw data was collected by HD Biosciences as part of an ongoing campaign to identify potent ligands of this transcription factor that is critically important to chordoma cells. This upload contains all the raw data from compounds that passed “one shot” screening and were tested at multiple concentrations. We include all the results and encourage interested readers to thoroughly and carefully examine all curves for compounds of interest to ensure compound hits are “real.”  The password for any Excel Files if prompted is “HDB”. There is a companion excel file which matches compound IDs with compound SMILES strings, allowing you to see the structure of each compound. We encourage others to look at the data and work on any scaffolds of interest. Please feel free to reach out with questions as well.


2 Replies to “Release of brachyury (TBXT) SPR Raw Data”

  1. What an incredible body of work! And what a boost this is for our collective efforts to drug brachyury. Thank you for your tremendous effort and dedication to this project!

  2. simplesmente uma Luz no fim do túnel, uma arma possivel contra o cordoma!! incrível!! parabéns aos cientistas envolvidos e Fundações de pesquisa contra o câncer!

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