Some good news! I have data! Not just any data – 1.25 Å data!

So, the week has been super busy, but all for good reasons this time!! I’m absolutely thrilled to say that amongst all the salt crystals I found in my crystal plates, I also found the crystals below, one of which diffracted to 1.25 Å. This is definitely the highest resolution I’ve ever worked with. It’s amazing! You can see everything – as shown in the pic below, phenix found the ligand quite easily. This was with M4K2117. The other two datasets I got were at about 2 Å, also really good, and they’re for M4K2121. Clearly the use of the composite screen I set up has increased the hit rate, and allowed me to screen a lot more compounds more quickly and at both room temperature and 4 degrees.

The link to the autoprocessed .mtz files is here.

I’ve already set up 20 more plates with 10 more compounds – fingers crossed we get more crystals and more data! A brilliant end to a tough few weeks!


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  1. The electron density looks amazing! A dream come true for medicinal chemists who want to design better compounds! Have a great 1.25 Å week-end, Ros. You deserve it!

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