Cloning an NSD3-Short-3xFLAG Construct into a Lentiviral Expression System

Antibodies are fundamental tools in the exploration of cellular biology. Unfortunately, there is a lack of high-quality NSD3 antibodies available. To overcome this, I have generated a bicistronic NSD3-Short-3xFLAG – IRES – PuroR lentiviral expression plasmid for the purpose of creating cell lines that stably express 3xFLAG-tagged NSD3-short. This will allow me to use a well-characterized anti-FLAG antibody to study NSD3 in cancer cell lines.

Full experimental details have been posted to zenodo.

Figure 1. BamHI and SalI double restriction digest of RRL-Puro lentiviral backbone and an NSD3-Short-3xFLAG PCR product in preperation for ligation.

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