Crystallization of USP5 Zf-UBD

There have been some exciting developments in the lab since my last post…I’ve got apo crystals of USP5 Zf-UBD! Experimental details can be found on Zenodo.

The apo structure, which has no ligands bound in the receptor pocket has already been solved. The purified protein sample I have been working with for USP5 Zf-UBD is slightly different than the sequence of the reported structure, so I was a little worried about reproducing these apo crystals. However, after running an initial screen and playing around with additive conditions I’ve got some nice 3D crystals. The next steps will be reproducing these crystals, and eventually trying to crystallize the USP5 Zf-UBD with ligands bound in the binding pocket.

Figure 1. 3D crystals of USP5 Zf-UBD

UniProt ID: P45974

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