Defining Epigenetic Drivers of Medulloblastoma – 02 – Screening

Update #02 – Screening Established Medulloblastoma Cell Lines

The first part of my project involves screening medulloblastoma cell lines that successfully proliferate in vitro with SGC’s epigenetic probe library.  The idea of this work is to identify common epigenetic targets that influence medulloblastoma proliferation and could potentially be used as prognostic or therapeutic targets.   I have so far screen four medulloblastoma cell lines (three Group 3, and one SHH cell line) which all grow easily in vitro.

Multiple probes that negatively affect proliferation across more than one cell line were observed, including the PRMT5-targeting LLY-283 and GSK591 probes, and the BRD1/TAF1 targeting BAY-299 probe hitting multiple cell lines (Zenodo – Defining Epigenetic Drivers of Medulloblastoma – Post 2 – Screening).  These probes will have their anti-proliferative effects confirmed by dose-response.

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