Defining Epigenetic Drivers of Medulloblastoma – 03 – Dose Response of BAY-299

Update #03 – Performing Dose-response assays of BAY-299 on medulloblastoma


I have been screening multiple medulloblastoma cell lines including ONS-76, D425, D458, and Med8A with BAY-299 and its negative control probe.  So far, three out of four lines have demonstrated sensitivity to the BAY-299 probe consistent with the screening results (Defining Epigenetic Drivers of Medulloblastoma Post 3 Dose Response – Zenodo).


                             ONS-76                                                          D425


                               D458                                                            Med8A

Future directions will involve ensuring that BAY-299 is not exhibiting an off target effect on other BRD family members and if it is on-target to determine whether TAF1 or BRD1 is responsible for BAY-299’s antiproliferative effect.

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