Determining CD34 expression in the presence and absence of stroma

We are currently working on a manuscript to characterize one of the cell lines that we established from growing patient samples. I previously discussed how we established OCI-AML-20 and I’m currently working on some experiments to complete the manuscript. One of those experiments is determining whether the CD34 expression seen in OCI-AML-20 relies on the presence of stroma. We found that OCI-AML-20 relies on stroma (either OP9 or MS5) for CD34 expression (Figure 1). For experimental details, visit Zenodo.

Figure 1: Summary of CD34 and CD38 expression in OCI-AML-20 cells grown with and without stroma (OP9 and MS5) over two weeks. OCI-AML-20 require stroma for CD34 expression maintenance

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