Purification of putative huntingtin interacting proteins UBE2K, HAP1, NEDD4L

We are getting close to the midpoint of the summer and my project is well underway. With another week passed, I have more purifications to share. Again, I was attempting to purify proteins we think might interact with the huntingtin protein in neuronal cells. This time around was a little less successful than previous posts, with the attempted purification of UBE2K, HAP1, and NEDD4L; sadly, only UBE2K was able to be successfully purified. These purifications followed the same general procedure that was detailed in last week’s post. To see a full outline of the methods used to attempt to purify these proteins, please visit my Zenodo.








Figure 1: Highlighted above is purified UBE2K protein that was run on an SDS Page.

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