Co-crystallisation and fine screening of ACVR1 with K62821a, K62980a, and K62981a

As mentioned in my Zenodo post here, I fine screened ACVR1 with the three compounds in the title. I got loads of hits for co-crystallisation with K62821a. I mounted almost two pucks’ worth of crystals (31 crystals) and sent them to Diamond for Monday’s run. Unfortunately, none of them diffracted better than 3.5 Å, so it’s back to the drawing board to explore some other conditions.

Here is one of the diffraction images, and they all pretty much looked like this:

Figure 1. Diffraction image of ACVR1 with K62821a – resolution at about 3.5 Å.


And here is an image of the crystal in the loop (or not in the loop, as the case happens to be!)

We collected a dataset for this crystal, but it failed to autoprocess. Thus, look out for a post in the near future for the fine screening of a couple of other conditions I got hits with for this compound.

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    1. Sure, but it’s not always the pretty crystals that diffract the best. Granted, these didn’t either, but hey, that’s protein crystallography.

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