Still no protein, and no diffraction from TGFBR1/FKBP12 crystals, but outreach is fun!

I’m sad to report that a couple of test expressions later, we’re still no wiser as to why ACVR1 isn’t expressing. It’s worked on a couple of small scale expression test plates, but just doesn’t want to scale up anymore. We may be looking at having to remake the virus.

In the meantime, I had some old purified ACVR1A (short form R206H mutant) (a different construct) in my freezer, so I put it on the gel filtration again and set up a few plates with it the other week with some of the M4K compounds (M4K2009, M4K3007). These made some crystals (kind of ugly crystals – see below), and I had some 2 month old TGFBR1/FKBP12 plates that had some really, really fine hair like crystals on them, so I mounted all these and sent them for screening. Sadly, nothing diffracted.

ACVR1 crystals with M4K2009

ACVR1 with M4K2009

ACVR1 with M4K2009

TGFBR1 (ALK5) with FKBP12 and M4K1170

















However, although not much is working in the lab at the moment, I did an outreach event on Saturday afternoon in Bonn Square in Oxford – this was Soapbox Science ( and and @SoapboxScienceOxf). This event aims to showcase women scientists and their work, giving us the space to engage with the public about what we do. It was a huge amount of fun. People stayed for quite a long time to listen and ask questions, and we had some truly fascinating talks.












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